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It should come as no surprise that just as submissive males feel their dick twitching in their pants upon seeing Me, so do Alpha males. There is a certain allure to a natural redhead with gorgeous blue eyes, a beautiful ass and an even prettier, tight, pink pussy that is embellished by naturally red pussy hair.

Crave to see the dirty side of Me? The slutty, dirty side that only real Alpha males are worthy of seeing. There is plenty inside for you too. There is nothing I enjoy more than a huge, throbbing cock, filling all of My wet, tight holes. Is there really any point in trying to resist Me any longer? Fighting yourself and your natural, male urges is pointless. You cannot fight it forever. Step outside of your comfort zone. Follow Me and give in to your fantasies and desires.

Slaving away the day at your job, acting like you are an Alpha male who is in control of his life and has everything together can get exhausting, right? The day has finally ended and you are home. Thankful for the life of serving Me, you have completed any tasks that have been assigned to you. Eager to please Me, I am always on your mind and a constant reminder of what you are working for. What you are slaving away, pretending to be the Alpha male for.. when in reality, you are My bitch. That is what continues to drive you. Day in and day out. Now that you are home, you are eager to relax from your stressful day of playing the Alpha male. All of the effort and dedication you have put in to your tasks and tributes prove your devotion to Me, and have garnered you my attention and affection.

Cum and join Me, pet.

Relax and unwind from your day. I am always good to those boys who are good to Me and you can be one of them, can't you? Of course you can. But, if you get on My bad side, you already know that a swift, painful punishment will await you.

There is no Mistress, but Mistress Satine - you are Her loyal slave.

That is your mantra - you live for those words.

I am your Goddess, I am everything to you. I am worthy of worship and worthy of praise.  I love nothing more than humiliating you, belittling you while I make you perform tasks for My enjoyment. Eat your cum for Me. Fuck your ass for Me. Air hump a pillow while you are wearing panties and singing pop songs. Let it be known: you are My puppet to do with as I please. There is nothing you desire more than jerking your dick, while listening to My every command.

Jerk and spend, jerk and spend, jerk and spend.
Spending all of your hard earned money on Me because I am your obsession.

Under My ownership, you will see that I am in complete control of your thoughts, your body and every little decision you make. I deserve every little red cent that you make and you know it. Ever caught yourself wearing women's panties and prancing around in your apartment, wishing you could be a beautiful woman like Me? Well what if I made you dress up in My cummed in panties while Me and my girlfriends laughed at and filmed you for all to see. Or maybe I would rather laugh at you and compare your useless, little shrimp dick to the huge, Alpha cocks that other men have and showing you how truly pleasurable a huge, thick cock is. But you would love that, wouldn't you? Watching a real women be pleasured in ways you could never accomplish, leaving you to only jerk your dick and imagine. But maybe, through servitude, once I am done being pleasured, I will make sure your painted up whore face takes a huge load - all while the camera is rolling. Know why? Control.

My favorite thing in the world is control. What comes from control? Blackmail. So it is always best to keep yourself on My good side, isnt it? Yes, of course it is, My pet. Spoil Me, always keep Me in your thoughts and always remember who owns your dick. Me. Everyone has a purpose in life and yours, as I will show you through training and attention, is serving Me. There is nothing you crave more in life, there is nothing that brings you more joy and there is nothing you could envision for yourself that could compare to a life of servitude to Me. Always remember your mantra. Repeat it daily.

Join iWantSatine.com and you will see what a pleasurable journey it can be to serve Me, one we will take together.

Individual Clip Sales Available at: https://iwantclips.com/store/14510/Mistress-Satine



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March, 19, 2016

Taboo and Alt Items For Sale

March, 19, 2016

Taboo and Alt Items For Sale

Too Shy to Ask?

Here are a list of a few other fetishes I cater to that are on the taboo side

I love Femdom and it has been a love of Mine for years. Why? Because I love reenforcing the idea to men that women truly are superior and that we always have been. Men become so weak for women. All it takes is a small flash of legs, feet, breasts or even less.

But that is not what makes you tick, is it, maggot?


You love the degradation of being made to do the dirtiest of all tasks for your Mistress, don't you? You crave the humiliation, shame and ridicule that you receive at My hands.

Well now you can have a piece of Me that you have never had before. If you do not see it listed, do not be afraid to message Me. I have sold just about everything, including sanitary napkins to period slaves.

Available for sale:

Container of My spit for your ingesting desires, prices begin at $30 and go up depending on size 
Sterile Bottle of My piss, $50
Toe Nail Clippings and Foot Dust, $30 for both
Shaved Pubic Hair (Naturally Red), $60
Toilet Water 


Whatever you crave, I will make a reality


March, 19, 2016


March, 19, 2016


Eager to Earn Something Off Of My Body?

Now you can


Contact Me to purchase any custom worn items that interest you.

I sell:
used panties (prices range depending on style, but they start at $40)
used socks and stockings (prices depends on length of wear, but they start at $30)
used sex toys (dildos, vibrators, plugs, bullets) (price begins at $50+)

Bundle packages available

Just imagine your face breathing in My delicious aroma from My perfect round ass and my tiny, perfect pussy. Something you could only dream about before, but now it is a reality.

Contact Me to order Now.





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I want to show you something special.

Don`t keep me waiting.